Climate resilience

Camilla of Bourbon Foundation - Climate resilienceThe objective of this project is to improve the resilience of marginalized populations from many countries including Mauritius to climate risks and changes with two specific results, making sure that 100 communities are more resilient to climate change and that local, regional and national policies and around ten civil society organizations better integrate climate risks and changes.

The project supported by the Princess Camilla of Bourbon Charitable Foundation focuses its work on climate resilient agriculture and targets 6500 small and marginalized farmers in 20 villages. It builds on the first phase of the project and

  1. Works with Farmers Field School (FFS) groups created in Phase I, in order to consolidate the learning from demonstration plots on different adaptive practices and at the same time promote mutual learning amongst farmers;
  2. Replicates the approach in 15 new villages: from climate vulnerability analysis and adaptation plans to the implementation of the best practices;
  3. Improves the adaptation planning process by incorporating the access to climate and weather information by FFS and the participatory evaluation of resilience and adaptation plans.
  4. Continues to build the capacity of Local Authorities so that after 2 years they are able to replicate the WtRF approach in some other adjacent villages.